skills classes

We offer 4 MTB (mountain biking) courses, 4 Road courses, and 2 Cyclecross courses.

Mountain Biking Skills:

  1.  MTB 1
  2.  MTB 2
  3. MTB 3
  4. MTB specific skill coaching

Road Skills:

  1. Road 1
  2. Road 2
  3. Road 3
  4. Road specific skill coaching

Cyclecross skills:

  1. Cyclecross fundamentals
  2. Cyclecross specific skill coaching

MTB & Road 1,2, 3 are progressional; after you have completed 1-3 you will have a solid base of skills within your phycomotor ability (phycomotor: the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement).  If you want some additional coaching or focus on certain skills then the “specific skill coaching” course will be the tool to further develop your ability.  Each course begins with a brief classroom discussion and then moves to: on the bike learning.

Courses 1-3  are 4-5 hours in duration.  Cost $400 each course (maximum of 5 participants); the cost is the same if there is one participant or five.

Specific skill coaching courses are $200 for a 2 hour course (maximum of 3 participants).

These courses are defined as skill based learning OR bike handling skills.

IF you are looking for cycling fitness training please visit our friends at    Cycle Fit