Bicycle Repair Classes


This is a progressional structure; designed to take each course in succession:

1. Basic   2. Transitional   3. Master.

For questions or to schedule a course email:

Master Mechanic $599

  • Includes Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair Text
  • 24 class room hours over 2-3 week period (M-Th, 2-3 evening hours each day)
  • Access to shop tools and resources during course
  • Minimum 3 people to begin a class; schedule and hours are flexible (days and times will be established at the initiation of the class)
  • Complete understanding of your bike, all the working parts
  • How to maintain and trouble shoots ANY issue with your bike
  • Certificate of completion at the end of course

Transitional Mechanic $299

  • 12 class room hours over 1-2 week period (M-W, 2-3 evening hours each day)
  • Tire, wheel, brake, clean and lube review
  • Bearing install, function, and how to service
  • Derailleur install, adjust, troubleshoot.
  • Overview and function of all parts on your bike

Basic Mechanic $99

  • Understand basic maintenance for your bike
  • Tire change and repair, brake adjust and alignment
  • Understand all Parts and function of your bike
  • How to troubleshoot and identify problems
  • Guidelines for proper cleaning, lube, and regular inspection
  • Includes literature for the material covered in class
  • 2 sessions, 2 hours each session
  • Minimum 3 people to begin a class